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How to report

Reporting spam is useful only if the recipient of your report can analyze the full headers of the spam email you received. If you don't know how to show full headers of an email in the email client or web mail application you are using, you can find instructions for a large number of programs and applications on this helpful page: How to Get Full Headers in Your Software. (The WHO@ site has more helpful information you may want to look at.)

Third party reporting addresses

Reporting addresses are organized by type of spam.

Note that country is specified only when that is part of the criteria for reporting to the email address given; the country code is mentioned in the same column: if a spam contains a phone number, that makes it easier to recognize which country it relates to (some countries share a country code). If no country is mentioned, origin of spam and origin of reporter don't play a role in reporting. When a web site has content in English those pages are referenced here.

Some organizations prefer reporting through a web-based form or provide no other mechanism; with a few exceptions you'll find them mentioned here only if they also have an email address for reporting spam.

Software piracy

Please also check the 'General spam and country-specific reporting addresses' page!

Organization Email address Country
Criteria Remarks
Adobe Adobe software
Alias Alias software See also:
Apple - Legal Contacts Apple software Piracy Prevention/Copyright department
Autodesk AutoCad, 3D Studio Max and other Autodesk software There is also a simple Autodesk one-field form to report the URL of any site illegally distributing Autodesk software. See also:
Borland Delphi and other Borland software. See Reporting Software Piracy instructions. There is also an online Report Piracy Form. See also:
Corel Corel software
Electronic Arts, Inc. Anti-piracy brochure (PDF) Electronic Arts Online Piracy. (If you know of any counterfeit EA software products, you can report it to EA via e-mail at )
Macromedia To report a website that offers pirated Macromedia software or serial numbers See also online form at Report Software Piracy
Microsoft USA
Microsoft software A copy of the spam (with full headers) will fulfill all criteria
Microsoft Canada
Microsoft software
Microsoft Outside USA and Canada Microsoft software If you have a tip in a country that Microsoft doesn't currently service with an anti-piracy hotline, leads can be submitted using an online form or via e-mail to and will be forwarded as appropriate.
McAfee, Inc. McAfee software To be used to report piracy or spam; put the term 'piracy report' in the subject line.
They also have an on-line reporting form.
PTC Piracy of PTC Software Products There is also an online form to Report Piracy of PTC Software Products
Symantec and
Norton software, PowerQuest, Winfax and other Symantec products Include the words "piracy report" in the subject line of your message.
Their Feedback form also has 'piracy' as a possible subject.
See also:
ELSPA Games piracy ELSPA also has an online report form;
See also:
SIAA or If you want to report software illegally being offered on a website, newsgroup, auction site, P2P network, FTP site, IRC, bulletin board service (BBS) or elsewhere on the Internet. Reporting only possible via web form:
BSA (International) Add 'Piracy' to subject (or as SpamCop note) No bounces reported for this address yet; please report back to me if you have problems. Otherwise reporting possible only via an unwieldy on-line form; any email to the original address now bounces.

Additions and corrections are welcomed. Please provide a reference to a web page or other evidence that the owner of the email address actually wants to receive spam reports; also specify reporting criteria when known. Reporting spam to an address that isn't set up to handle that particular type of spam will hinder rather than help!

Link summary

Apple - Legal Contacts
Autodesk one-field form
McAfee, Inc.
On-line form
On-line reporting form
Piracy Prevention
Report Piracy
Report Piracy Form
Report Piracy of PTC Software Products
Report Software Piracy
Report form
Report software piracy
Reporting Software Piracy
SIIA Internet Software Piracy Intake Form
Software Piracy is Expensive Business
Symantec, Inc. Spam Watch Response Center
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